with a clean towel , so as to achieve the

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In addition to cleaning the car body, but also pay attention to clean the interior of the car. Wipe every corner of the dashboard with a towel or sponge dipped in soapy water or detergent. Before cleaning the surface of chemical fiber, use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust, and then soak in a special textile cleaner for a few minutes. After the dust dissolves, scrub with a towel. If there is no special detergent, you can use soapy water or detergent instead. Leather goods can be scrubbed with a little water with a towel.

When the temperature inside the car is higher than the temperature outside the car, the front windshield of the car will form a fog film, seriously blocking the view. Spread the soap evenly on the windshield and wipe it clean with a paper towel after the soap dries. At this time, the soap has formed a film on the windshield, inhibiting the liquefaction process, even if the fog or the temperature inside the car is higher than the outside of the car, it will not block the line of sight. Not only that, soap also has a rain-proof effect, the car side view mirror smeared soap, the above Rain Water will quickly slip off, will not be attached to the surface of the mirror to block the view.

Third, disinfect the interior regularly. The interior of the car is the most likely place to hide dirt and breed bacteria. Splashing saliva is easy to attach to seats, ceilings, dashboards, carpets, floor mats, door panels, etc. In addition to using sterilized paper towels or sprayers with 500ml disinfectant to wipe and spray, you can also wipe the car with 75% alcohol, but you must not wipe too much. 75% alcohol has a very low ignition point. When the confined space reaches a certain concentration, the temperature can be ignited when the temperature reaches 22 degrees Celsius, do not be careless. Other disinfection methods:

Our common maintenance methods of luxury bags are waterproof and moisture-proof, anti-breaking, anti-baking, anti-tearing and pulling. In addition to these, there are many professional maintenance methods for luxury bags. For example, buy a special leather maintenance oil, wipe the bag with a clean towel, and then apply leather care oil for maintenance. However, different styles and materials of luxury bags require different maintenance methods. The maintenance of luxury bags can be carried out after the purchase of bags, or they can be sent to luxury repair and maintenance institutions for maintenance, such as Nagel cleaning and dyeing luxury care service base, housekeeper washing and care service platform, on the question of how to maintain luxury bags, you can directly contact Nag net color for advice.

with a clean towel , so as to achieve the

In the face of the topic of “one-click fog removal” in car glass, some car owners may ask, it sounds magical, but their models are relatively backward, what if there is no one-click fog removal function? In fact, this type of car does exist, in this case there is a better way to remove fog, that is, the use of windshield antifogging agent. Car owners go online to order a windshield antifogging agent, which can solve the trouble of fogging in the car window in three simple steps, namely one spray, two wipes and three wipes. To put it simply, first spray the antifogging agent on the windshield, then gently smear it with a sponge, and finally wipe it with a clean towel, so as to achieve the purpose of no fog on the windshield.

4. To prevent heat and cool down, many pickup trucks do not have air conditioning, and the dashboards are often scorched in the summer sun. At this time, some drivers will spread wet towels on them, which can play a cooling role. In fact, it is hard to say how much the temperature can be reduced, but at least there is a towel full of cold water in front of you, which will make you feel more comfortable psychologically. Some car owners will also put sunshade pads on the workbench, which can not only improve the appearance of the car, but also cushion the light and make the light look softer, thus reducing the unnecessary danger caused by weak light.

I made a lot of bags. I like to put two small bags in the big bag, and some scattered things are classified to make it easy to find, so I made a lot of small bags. For example, keys, paper towels and masks will not be scratched in the bag if they are separated.

As the first industry exhibition in 2023 after the opening of the epidemic for three years, the four-day Guangzhou Design week 2023 came to a successful end with ultra-high standards of exhibition and unexpected popularity. Intelligent hardware bathroom brand VJASS Weijue bathroom, with intelligent electric towel rack, drying rack and other new products, in the debut, won a lot of praise. During this period, the popularity of the venue was high. Its ultra-high appearance and exquisite craftsmanship have won the favor of designers.

with a clean towel , so as to achieve the

The cleaning operation is carried out after dust removal, and the purpose is to remove the dirt attached or impregnated on the surface of the interior parts of the car. The basic supplies are towels and related cleaning and care products. In the car (car service training to find car craftsmen) cleaning should also follow the principle from high to low, that is, from the ceiling to fiber fabric, leather, glass, dashboard, door edge, and finally cleaning carpets, floor mats, etc.