are disinfected every 2 hours and ventilated. Slippers , towels, swimming rings

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If you find blisters, desquamation or skin whiteness and softness between your toes, which may be tinea pedis, you should see a doctor in time and do not use medicine indiscriminately. After suspected tinea pedis, do not go to the swimming pool to avoid aggravating tinea pedis and infecting others. After treatment, regular reexamination is needed. She stressed that the water in the swimming pool contains chemical disinfection ingredients such as chlorine, which is also easy to cause contact dermatitis. If they are sensitive or have skin diseases, such as tinea pedis, dermatitis, eczema and so on, swimming may lead to aggravation of the disease. After each swim, use special cleaning products to wash hair, face, bath towels, towels and slippers to avoid cross-infection.

Select swimming places with good reputation, standardized management and qualified inspection by the health supervision department. When swimming, you should bring your own towels, slippers, bath towels and other personal belongings, try not to use public objects provided by swimming places, and pay attention to the prevention of skin diseases.

Control the number of personnel in a single session, the number of swimmers in each lane is calculated according to the average length of 6 meters per person, the maximum number of people in the spa area and bubble pool area is 2 square meters per person, and the distance between wet (dry) steaming room personnel should be not less than 2 meters. Changing rooms, bathrooms and other public areas are disinfected every 2 hours and ventilated. Slippers, towels, swimming rings and other items are not allowed to be shared to avoid cross-infection.

During the epidemic, swimming pools and public bathrooms are still not recommended, so it is not recommended to open swimming pools and public bathrooms. If it is opened again after the end of the epidemic, the relevant disinfection and cleaning work will be done according to the routine, and the routine cleaning and regular disinfection will be maintained. Central air conditioners should be cleaned and disinfected. Public goods, towels and slippers should also be cleaned and disinfected. The disinfection of swimming pool water and bath water is also critical. (Zhang Liubo, a researcher at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention) Source: CCTV

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5. Bath towels and slippers: Bath towels and slippers are necessary for swimmers. Go ashore during the interval or after swimming, dry your body with a towel, put on bath towels and slippers, which can not only keep warm, prevent colds, but also more hygienic. In winter swimming, it is even more indispensable.

2. Ensure that the indoor and outdoor environment is hygienic and clean. Use towels, slippers, cups and bed linen to strictly implement the one-for-one disinfection system. Wash and disinfect articles regularly every day. Keep the linen room and cup room in strict accordance with the relevant hygiene regulations. Do a good job in garbage sorting, garbage cans are covered and sealed, and garbage should be cleared and transported in time. Public areas are equipped with hand-washing facilities.

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4. Develop good hygiene habits: keep your skin clean, change your clothes frequently, and avoid direct contact with patients suffering from tinea. Do not use public slippers, bath towels, foot basins provided by hotels, hotels and other public places, and use disposable slippers, towels and other sanitary ware as much as possible.

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