immediately applied the wound with a cold towel for at least

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After absorbing the excess moisture with a towel, dry your hair with a hair dryer. Because the hair that is still dripping with hot air directly wastes time and damages the hair. The hair dryer should keep a distance of 20 centimeters from the hair when blowing the hair, and it is best to use a hair dryer with alternation of hot and cold.

1. Parents are asked to wear comfortable dark clothes (or appropriate swimsuits) and take waterproof measures, such as cell phone waterproof bags. Prepare bath towels, towels and clothes to change after activities for yourself and your toddlers.

A cup filled with boiled water and a sweat-soaked towel are a must for every tricycle master. The competition is fierce now, and they will go around for the sake of Dora. Most of these masters are old and try their best to earn as much money as they can to support their families.

During outdoor activities, a toddler accidentally slipped while playing games, causing bruises on his legs. The teacher immediately applied the wound with a cold towel for at least 20 minutes to relieve pain and swelling. The health care doctor arrived in time to take care of the wound.

Our park strictly implements the environmental hygiene system, firmly sweeps a little every day and sweeps every week, strictly performs the disinfection system, does a good job of daily disinfection and disease prevention, disinfects tableware and towels every day, and carries out ultraviolet disinfection in activity rooms and siesta rooms every day. Toys and books are disinfected on a regular basis. Spread in the spring disease-prone season, strictly adopt disinfection methods, bedding once a week, once a month cleaning.

The process of improvement is a spiral upward process, never-ending. The improvement work should be treated like wringing the water out of a towel, and it should be constantly wrung out after wringing it out, and the same is true of the improvement work. The situation at the production site is not immutable, and the improvement of work is not a matter of one trick and once and for all.